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Create stunning living photos that make your stories come alive with a subtle hint of motion that captivates your audience.

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Windows Based Desktop Software

Introducing Easy Cinemagraphs Creator

Unfortunately, without the right tool, a cinemagraph is difficult to create and it could take days to make just one.

It requires both technical and graphic design expertise, or, if you outsource it, it could cost $200 for a single cinemagraph.

This is why we are extremely excited to be able to tell you that there is now brand new, revolutionary Easy Cinemagraphs Creator software, which makes cinemagraph creation super-easy and fast.


Transforms “Invisible” Posts & Ads Into An Attention Grabbing Monsters

Almost Impossible To Ignore

Cinemagraphs are almost impossible to ignore & easy to digest.

Fun To Share & Like

Cinemagraphs are fun to share & like, social media are exploding with cinemagraphs that go viral.

Get Results.

Can get you 117% click-through rate increase, 41% cost per click decrease, 4 points boost in relevance score, and 9 times more engagement

Sample Cinemagraphs Created

Step #1

Import Video Clip

Import any video file into the Jasrati Easy Cinemagraphs Software

Step #2

Select a still frame

Use the slider to select still frame you want to use as static part of cinemagraph

Step #3

Choose the parts to be frozen and in motion

User the brush tool to clear the part of static image where you want the video show through and export cinemagraph

Step #4

Export To Your Computer & Share Online

User the brush tool to clear the part of static image where you want the video show through and export cinemagraph

With Easy Cinemagraphs Creator you can make cinemagraph from any video

With this software you can make a cinemagraph from any video with repeat motion on part of it, like hair on the wind, pouring liquid from the bottle, candle fire, and pretty much anything else.

You can shoot short 10 to 20 seconds videos with your phone, use stock videos, or download any of millions of videos with creative commons license for free.

With just a few clicks, you can trim a cinemagraph length, tweak it by selecting repeat or bounce loop style, and change the looping part speed.

Not cloud-based = Freedom

Easy Cinemagraphs Creator software is about freedom.

It is not cloud-based, so you have all you need right at your computer without the need of persistent internet connection.

You will never have to worry about lag present in cloud based video editing software, your project sitting in a long processing queue, or being affected by slow internet connection or its complete lack.

Pick the Option That’s Right For You:

Easy Cinemagraphs Creator

Personal License

Pay Once For Unlimited Access

Get Your Lifetime Copy For Only...


Special Founders Price (Usually $97

Protected By A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Easy Cinemagraphs Creator

Pro Edition

Pay Once For Unlimited Access

Exclusive Founders Special Only...


Special Founders Price (Usually $97

Protected By A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I download the software onto my computer or will it be solely available online?

This is NOT an Internet-based software. You will download it onto your computer where it will be yours to use when you like. Since the software will be on your computer you won’t have to worry about slow Internet response times.

Can I install Easy Cinemagraphs Creator on more than one computer?

Your license will allow you to install the program on two computers. Larger licenses are available for businesses and agencies.

What are the system requirements for Easy Cinemagraphs Creator?

This software runs on most Windows computer produced in the past five years as long as it has minimum of 4GB ram memory and sufficient storage space. (The MAC OS version will be released sometime this year)

Is there a limit on a number of cinemagraphs I can create with Easy Cinemagraphs Creator?

You get unlimited imports and exports. You can create as many cinemagraphs as you want.

In what format cinemagraphs come in?

Cinemagraphs come in both HD video format, to use on social media with video support, and in GIF format to use on image only social media and mobile websites

Does it support both horizontal and vertical cinemagraphs?

Yes, Easy Cinemagraphs Creator supports both horizontal 16:9 and vertical 9:16 cinemagraphs, and also square format 1:1.

Why You Need to Use Cinemagraphs in your Social Marketing?

Cinemagraphs are one of the most trending social media tactics to enter the spotlight in 2017 and they are popping up literally everywhere with no sign of that slowing down in 2021!

By now I am sure you have seen these on at least one website, be it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or a website these are generating considerably higher click-through rates on ads and social shares and that is why they are a must-have.

Compare a static photo to an animated graphic in a news feed or list of recent tweets, the one that makes people stop and take notice is the one with motion.

Everyone from fashion houses to car manufacturers like Mercedes is getting in on the action to try and stand out against their rivals.

What can you use cinemagraphs for?

You can use cinemagraphs in many parts of your content marketing.

- Create great moving travel photos
- Share them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and beyond
- Create banner ads with motion
- Create social ads
- Add eye-catching moving images to your website
- Make blog posts more interesting

Basically anywhere you can use an image or video you can use a cinemagraph instead to grab peoples attention and show off your creativity.

Where do I get video footage to make cinemagraphs?

You can download free footage from Pexels or Pixabay, or you can use premium footage from sites such as

Is there a monthly fee to use Easy Cinemagraphs Creator?

Currently, Easy Cinemagraphs Creator membership is being offered with a one off payment. Soon we plan to switch to a recurring membership model where new customers will pay a monthly fee for software use. BUT anyone that orders now is grandfathered so you will never be billed again!

Get Your Easy Cinemagraphs Creator Copy Now!

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