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At Jasrati, we craft premium products cherished by tens of thousands of users. Our mission is to empower individuals, businesses, and communities through technology and innovation, enabling them to achieve more in their lives.

Plasfy is an easy-to-use online software that allows you to create professional graphics and designs in just a few minutes. Choose from 17,000+ templates or start with a blank canvas. Use the templates ‘as-is’ or fully customize them to taste with unlimited flexibility of changing text, colors, fonts, and images.

Introducing Plasfy AI Video Builder – your ultimate AI-powered solution for video creation! No need for complex editing or expensive software – Plasfy's intuitive AI does all the heavy lifting for you. Simply input your idea, and watch as Plasfy generates scripts, designs scenes, and produces videos in any style or language you desire.

Introducing VR Studio – the ultimate solution for mastering the latest video marketing trend of 2024 and beyond! With cutting-edge AI fusion technology, VR Studio enables effortless creation and sale of highly profitable 360° interactive videos and images in minutes. No technical skills required – simply upload your content, customize, and start profiting. Join the future of video marketing today with VR Studio!

Introducing A Breakthrough Browsable Premium Lifetime Video Elements Library - Unlimited Access To 100,000+ Premium Stock Videos & Video Elements That Will Drastically Increase Your Video Quality, Engagement & Conversions, Organized Into 500+ Categories So You Can Find What You Need Quickly & Easily

NEVER Again Pay Ridiculously High Fees For Cutout Stock Images... Unlock 55,000+ Transparent Cutout Searchable Images Library Organized Into Over 1000+ Unique Categories - Less Then The Price Of Just One Cut-Out Image From Major Sites With Full FREE Unlimited Extended Commercial Developer License Included

Stop Ruining Your Customers Experience With Overused, Boring And Legally Questionable Generic Photo Shots - Get Your Hands On A Massive Bundle Of 300,000+ Stunning Royalty And Copyright Free Luxurious Stock Photos Organized Into Over 1500+ Photo Packs Covering A Range Of Unique Themes and Categories

The All-Access Pass to Jasrati Academy offers invaluable training tools for the modern tech worker — over 170 comprehensive courses in everything from publishing to skill sharing to social media, for all skill levels meaning you’ll never be short on tips, tricks, and indispensable inspiration for all your digital endeavors.

Unleashing The Future Of EBook Creation With The Jasrati AI Book Maker - Have you ever dreamt of writing an eBook, but found yourself hindered by lack of time, energy, or the daunting face of the blank page? Craft A Beautifully Composed Ebook On Any Topic Or Genre In Mere Minutes.

Introducing the VIP Graphics Mega Bundle, the ultimate treasure trove of creative resources for design enthusiasts, marketers, and content creators alike. With this mega bundle, you gain exclusive access to every single release from StockElementsFX, ensuring you have an endless supply of high-quality graphics at your fingertips.

The Vector Graphics Club is the world’s biggest vector graphics library boosting more than 100,00+ scalable vector graphics covering 1000+ themes. Some of the big guys still charge even $50 for one single graphic but with Vector Graphics Club you get more than 100,000 graphics for not just price of one but a fraction of it.

The Vector Characters Club Is the ultimate treasure chest of visually appealing and editable vector characters. You’ll never have to spend $15 – $30 on the top marketplaces for just ten characters. Instead, get instant access to The Vector Characters Club and choose from over 300+ unique characters for less than the price of just one.

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